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Introducing H. Moser & Cie. Watches: the Most Disruptive Brand in Switzerland

Move quickly. Take chances. And don't be afraid to break the rules.

No, these aren't the mantras of another startup in our Silicon Valley backyard – these qualities exemplify the bold entrepreneurial spirit of Swiss indie darling H. Moser & Cie – a brand that we are thrilled to introduce to Northern California, where we believe these enterprising values are already deeply endemic to local watch collecting culture. Moser represents a pair of Topper 'firsts' – not only is it our first truly high-end independent and the brand with the lowest production numbers at Topper, we're proud to represent Moser as the brand's exclusive retailer in Northern California.

Though perhaps best known throughout the watch community for its subversive humor and wildly clever marketing, Moser actually remains intensely serious when it comes to the in-house production of its own watches, which routinely combine beautifully simple, yet innovative time displays (blink, and you might miss the brand's signature perpetual calendar display), experimental materials (the Vantablack dials must truly be seen to be believed), and high complications (yes, they put a minute repeater with a tourbillon in a Swiss Alp case, to create the ultimate form of subversion) to earn its rightful place amongst watchmaking elite. Be sure to circle November 23rd on your calendar for our Moser welcome party with WatchtheBay Meetups, where the NorCal collecting community will have its first chance to go hands-on with all the incredible options Moser has to offer.

Family-owned and operated on the Upper Rhine in Northern Switzerland, H. Moser & Cie is a fiercely proud independent since its founding in the late 1800s – and it shows in the brand's long history of entrepreneurialism that challenges the established norms in watchmaking. Interestingly enough, despite the brand's traditionally Germanic hometown, these values represent a dramatic departure to the austerity typically found with many of their Schaffhausen neighbors. Every movement is manufactured in-house, and every watch is fully built and finished by hand. In addition to its ingenious watch design, Moser has also developed some of its own technologies, like the Straumann Hairspring, ensuring that the vital elements of its movements are able to maintain the brand's strict chronometric standards. "To make the best watches in the world, you must go to the best suppliers," as brand founder Heinrich Moser famously opined. "We will not entrust production of the balance springs to anyone else. We stop just short of digging the necessary minerals out of the ground ourselves."


Mixing classic haute horology with a sleek, modern case design, the Endeavour collection is where you'll find Moser staples for the current era. It also represents a platform that runs the gamut from simple time-only watches to ultra high-complication options like a minute repeater with a tourbillon. And ever since it won top honors at the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix in 2006, Moser's Perpetual Calendar (blink, and you'll miss the tiny month indicator hand) remains a highly sought-after signature of the brand's design ethos. New for this fall, Moser has added a gorgeous starry aventurine dial, making for what is quite possibly the most incredible moonphase watch to ever grace Topper Jewelers. SHOP NOW

The Pioneer collection is Moser's newest addition, and quite possibly its most currently sought-after, given the demand for steel sports watches. Characterized by a range of colorful and dynamic fumé dials (another brand signature) with luminous elements for low-light legibility, the bold Pioneer is built around a beautifully sculpted 42mm case that's water resistant to 120 meters and fitted with either rubber or canvas straps. More complicated offerings can be found in this collection, but we're particularly fond of the new green-dialed variation in its most stripped-down form: with the three-handed HMC 200 calibre with the center-mounted seconds hand. Classic, yet sporty – just how we like it. SHOP NOW

Who can forget Moser's infamous "Mad Watch," with a case made of real Swiss cheese (!), or the brand's more recent "Nature Watch" – an actual living terrarium for your wrist? While both undeniably cheeky releases designed to poke fun at the über-serious Swiss watch culture, perhaps no Moser has ever been more subversive than 2016's Swiss Alp – the brand's original viral watch that poked good-natured fun at a certain Silicon Valley giant. It's worth noting that the perfectly-timed Swiss Alp is the only Moser marketing concept to become formally adopted in the brand's main collection of watches, where it remains a wildly popular brand staple. SHOP NOW

H. Moser & Cie CEO Edouard Meylan understands, perhaps better than most that it is not enough to simply make a great product anymore – a great brand, no matter of its size, must also have a voice, and own a unique point of view. It is this refreshing perspective, combined with a truly incredible, haute horology product that makes it such an honor for Topper to be Moser's first retailer in Northern California – a unique collecting environment where we believe Moser's values are destined to be embraced and wholly appreciated.

If you'd like to add an H. Moser watch to your collection, our opening order is already in-store, so explore our current offerings right here. And if there's a Moser that you're interested in that's not represented in our collection, or you'd simply like to speak with a sales representative directly to learn more, we'd welcome you to inquire by calling Topper Jewelers at 888-730-2221 or emailing

The Topper Blog consists mainly of original writing by Rob & Russ Caplan with occasional special contributions and interviews. All photography in the blog is taken at Topper Fine Jewelers , or on location unless otherwise indicated in the photo captions.