Dad, I love you, and your wise owl ways. It was our thing, you and I. I would call you a wise owl, and you would say, in an animated voice, "who, who". You were always the smartest person I knew. It's just so hard to believe that you're gone and how quickly everything has changed.

What I will miss the most is our talks about life, family, business, history and politics; injustices, solutions, your sometimes unsolicited but always astute and eventually appreciated advice, and your sense of humor. You were so engaged in whatever was going on with me, Ken , Ryan and Zack, as well as tales of our many pets. It was so wonderful to have your constant interest in the kid's studies, their sports, -- their lives.

I treasure how you were a very patient, available and gifted advisor in all things. Such a loving and attentive husband to mom, and an involved and wonderful father to me,Ken, Russ, Mylene and Rob.

I can see how many people thought of you as Grandpa, dad or friend, and how you touched them too, with your ability to really understand their lives and circumstances, while sharing wisdom from your own.

I will always love you, my adorable wise owl dad.

Debby Rosenfeld (daughter)