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What is Polarium® ?

feature 1Polarium® is a revolutionary permanently magnetized platinum alloy developed by Steven Kretchmer for a line of jewelry that exhibits amazing behaviors, including levetation. It is 77.7% pure platinum, extremely hard, and resists scratching far better than any other precious metal jewelry alloy available anywhere. Steven Kretchmer’s Polarium® brings a new dimension to fine jewelry that has never been experienced before. In Chinese, the word “magnet” means “love stone.” Like the force of love, Polarium® possesses the mystical power of attraction, the ability to draw isolated bodies together. Related to all powerful forms of energy, Polarium’s® attraction is contagious. There is something very elemental and calming about playing with Polarium® , and once people begin to experience its attractive force, they can’t help but enjoy it. Steven Kretchmer has created his and her bands that seek each other and kiss, split bands that slide apart to reveal personal secrets and then snap shut, and even exciting stackable bands that are reversible. His exploration with Polarium® has only begun. . .

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The Fields

Any one-piece Polarium® ring can be magnetized with a Single-field, while rings made of more than one component can be configured with either Single-field or Multi-fields. Single-field Polarium® has a broad range of attraction, and will be playfully drawn to most metal objects and other Single-field Polarium® jewelry. Multi-field Polarium® maintains an exclusive attraction designed to confine magnetic force within the piece itself. Multi-field Polarium® jewelry is attracted only to its own components and will not be drawn to other metal objects, or effect watches and credit cards.

Other Information

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  • Lab reports have concluded that Polarium® is hypoallergenic.
  • Polarium® is one of the toughest and most durable permanently magnetic materials in the world today.
  • Polarium® will not effect pacemakers, computers or cell phones.
  • Single-field Polarium® should be worn on the same hand as fine mechanical watches to avoid direct contact between the two.
  • Engraving requests must be placed at the time of the initial order, as subsequent engraving risks damage.
  • Due to its extraordinary properties, all Polarium® jewelry must be serviced only at Steven Kretchmer’s studios.
  • he best way to remove particles that might accumulate on Polarium® jewelry is to roll a piece of tape, using it to dab unwanted debris away.