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Avanti 24 Pricing and Specifications

Case PN2241 6 Available $9,000 $6,750
Safe Module PN2911 3 Required $3,000 $2,250
Clock Module PN2910 1 Required $1,000 $750
Winder Module W01801 1 Required $3,500 $2,625
Drawer Module W01802 1 Required $750 $565
Sempre Module W01803 2 Required $4,750 $3,565

The Beauty of the Avanti collection is that it features a series of compatable modules, that you pick and customize. You can choose to have all of your space taken up by winders, or you can choose to install an atomic clock, safe or drawer. Refer to the the chart below which shows you the unit capacity of each Avanti option, and the number of units of each module. For instance, an Avanti 24 allows for 6 modules, so it could be filled with 1 in safe unit (3 units) 1 drawer (1 unit) 1 clock (1 unit) and 1 winder (1 unit). Alternatively, It could hold 4 winder rows (4 units) and 1 Sempre module (2 units)

Please look at the available options and feel free to Call Topper with any questions. Let us help create your dream winder!


Orbita Winders come with a a two-year warranty for any defects in materials and/or workmanship. An additional 3 year extended warranty may be purchased directly from Orbita after your purchase.