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Avanti 8 Pricing and Specifications

W22038 Macassar/Carbon Fiber Lacquer 20.0H x 23.0W x 9.1D 42.0 $9,995

About Avanti 8

The AVANTI 8 watchwinder presents a very upscale, very modern case design of Italian construction finished in either Macassar/Carbon fiber or Madrona Burl materials and fitted with 2 lockable, center-opening, safety glass doors and a suede-lined storage compartment. Available as either a pedestal or wall hung version.

Inside are 8 individual, well-proven solid-state Orbita watchwinder modules providing independent operation for each winding position. A user-friendly programmable microprocessor controls both rotation direction and turns per day (TPD) depending upon the winding requirement of the particular watches being wound (see the Orbita Database in the support section). These winders are virtually silent in operation. Ball bearing construction throughout, coupled with the use of Swiss-designed ironless core precision motors, assures long life with no maintenance required. Units are wall plug powered by the supplied AC/DC adapter.

The pedestal version is suitably weighted at the base to provide stability. All hardware is Chrome or Stainless Steel for the Macassar Cases and Brass or Gold plated for the Burl Cases.

The wall hung version is ideal for those with table or counter space constraints. Two steel mounting brackets are recessed in the side frames so that the cabinet fits securely and completely flush with the wall surface.

The Avanti 8 in Madrona Burl is finished in high-gloss lacquer with piano finish black trim on the doors and frame. The pedestal base spacers are gold plated.

Options for Turns per Day and Winding Direction

Click here to look up your watches using the orbita database and customize your winder for your collection.

Want to learn more about the consequences of overwinding watches? Click here for to read our interview with Orbita CEO Chuck Agnoff.

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Orbita Winders come with a a two-year warranty for any defects in materials and/or workmanship. An additional 3 year extended warranty may be purchased directly from Orbita after your purchase.