Bergamo 40 Rosewood with Wood Doors

Displayed: Bergamo 40 Rosewood with Wood Doors

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  • Bergamo 40 Rosewood with Wood Doors

Bergamo 40 Pricing and Specifications

W60034 Madrona Burl with Glass Doors Inlaid Veneer 44.0Hx55.0Wx28.0D 350.0 $59,995
W60035 Mahogany Parquet with Glass Doors Inlaid Veneer 44.0Hx55.0Wx28.0D 350.0 $59,995
W60036 Brazilian Rosewood with Glass Doors Inlaid Veneer 44.0Hx55.0Wx28.0D 350.0 $59,995
W60134 Madrona Burl with Wood Doors Inlaid Veneer 44.0Hx55.0Wx28.0D 350.0 $59,995
W60135 Mahogany Parquet with Wood Doors Inlaid Veneer 44.0Hx55.0Wx28.0D 350.0 $59,995
W60136 Rosewood with Wood Doors Inlaid Veneer 44.0Hx55.0Wx28.0D 350.0 $59,995

About Bergamo 40

Introducing the BERGAMO 40, Orbita's new "disappearing" watchwinder. Watch collectors now have a choice. They can keep as many as 40 automatic watches fully wound, either on display or completely hidden from view. The attractive Italian-made inlaid cabinet houses a remote controlled motorized lift mechanism that raises or lowers the watchwinder module on command. A keyed security lock is also provided to prevent the winder from being accessed by unauthorized persons.

When in the lowered position, both the watches and the watchwinder mechanism are totally concealed and the casual observer only sees a beautifully detailed piece of furniture. Even when the front doors are opened, the storage area is exposed but there is no hint of the watches stored within as they are concealed behind a false panel. Two waist-level, ball-bearing mounted storage drawers are also provided.

The Italian-made cabinet is available in Madrona Burl, Mahogany Parquet or Brazilian Rosewood veneers with decorative inlays of brass and pear wood.

Access to all internal mechanisms is from the front of the cabinet. Forty (40) Swiss-designed ironless core motors power the 40 winding stations. Unlike other watchwinder manufacturers who utilize a single motor to drive two, three or even four watches together, ORBITA winders are built with each motor controlled by its own microprocessor and which drives a single watch position. Consequently, each watch station can be individually programmed for the winding requirements of a specific watch with settings for turns per day, winding direction and auto reversing if required.

On the Bergamo 40 each station is easily programmed from the front of the cabinet by simply removing a mounting cup and setting the 4 pole DIP switch mounted behind it. Also easily accessible is an on/off switch for each individual station.


The electrically powered lift mechanism has been designed to provide long, trouble-free operation. The lift action can be actuated with a wireless remote transmitter or by an easily accessible toggle switch mounted in the shelf storage area. A key lock is also provided to disable the lift while power is maintained to the winder motors. This feature prevents passersby from operating the unit without permission. A hinged arrangement on the top panels of the winder provides safety "breakaway" protection in the event that "inquisitive fingers" are not withdrawn as the lift unit descends into the closed position.

Owners of fine automatic watches can be confident that their watches will remain fully wound, ready to wear and properly "exercised" without any concerns about overwinding.

The Bergamo 40 is also provided with solid wood door inserts to replace the glass door panels if desired.

Standard warranty is for two years. All of the operating components are "plug and play" and in the unlikely event of component failure, each and every component is easily replaced in the field with nothing more than a screwdriver.

Options for Turns per Day and Winding Direction

Click here to look up your watches using the orbita database and customize your winder for your collection.

Want to learn more about the consequences of overwinding watches? Click here for to read our interview with Orbita CEO Chuck Agnoff.


Orbita Winders come with a a two-year warranty for any defects in materials and/or workmanship. An additional 3 year extended warranty may be purchased directly from Orbita after your purchase.