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Stephan Schlanser Pricing

W20011 Walnut, Maple and Burl Lacquer 14Wx9.75Dx8H 6.6 $3,995

About the Artist

Mark Rehmar began building furniture as an extension of his fascination with the influence that well designed objects have on people's lives.

University trained in the sciences, his first design experience was in designing and building homes. In 1985, after several residential projects, he began designing and building custom furniture largely to be able to work in a medium that allowed greater personal connection with both the entire process and the finished object. Shortly thereafter, he began making fine boxes and other "semi-production" accessory items.

Says Rehmar, "I have found a deep connection between my early studies and my present endeavors. Design and theoretical physics are the two most conceptually difficult disciplines I have encountered. The way of thinking in both areas, though different in content, is very similar; both take the same ability to use both sides of the brain in harmony to create a successful solution."

Rehmar's furniture is found in many private collections in the United States, and his boxes are represented at numerous prestigious galleries through the USA and Europe. He has developed a unique style combining highly figured solid wood with rare burl veneers.

User-programmable microprocessor controls both rotation direction and turns per day (TPD), allowing full optimization for the watch being wound. Power is provided by either "C" cell alkaline batteries or by the supplied AC/DC adapter. A "low voltage" battery light automatically signals when battery replacement is due. Case construction is of a combination of walnut, maple and burl.


About the Art

In this series, Stephan Schlanser used his finely-tuned abilities to individually craft these unique glass cases. Each case was hand-drawn, etched, sandblasted, and then assembled using ultraviolet activated bonding techniques. Every piece was signed and dated by the artist.

Options for Turns per Day and Winding Direction

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Orbita Winders come with a a two-year warranty for any defects in materials and/or workmanship. An additional 3 year extended warranty may be purchased directly from Orbita after your purchase.