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Wolf Designs Module 4.1


  • Wolf Designs 4.1 Winder
  • Introducing the 4.1 Watch Winder by Wolf Designs. The Wolf 4.1 improves on the popular 4.0 winder and features a series of improvement over the popular 4.0 winder which featured a carbon fiber face plate.

Latest Features

The Wolf 4.1 Winder features the following improvements over the 4.0

  • Deeper cuffs with a more secure fit.
  • More control over start delay.
  • More control over turns per day.
  • Power splitter included at no charge with each unit.
  • Display Feet incldued on purchases of two or more winders upon request.
1 Unit of Stackable 4.1 Winder $325 $269
2 Units of Stackable 4.1 Winder $650 $530
3 Units of Stackable 4.1 Winder $975 $780
4 Units of Stackable 4.1 Winder $1,300 $1,020
5 Units of Stackable 4.1 Winder $1,625 $1,250
6 Units of Stackable 4.1 Winder $1,950 $1,470
7 Units of Stackable 4.1 Winder $2,275 $1,715
8 Units of Stackable 4.1 Winder $2,600 $1,960
9 Units of Stackable 4.1 Winder $2,925 $2,205
External Lithium Battery $120 $120

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  • Clockwise, counterclockwise & bidirectional at 50 rotation increments.
  • Customizable delay.
  • A/C adapter powered, a single adapter can power up to 12 units.
  • External adapter available for separate purchase.
  • Very quiet nylon motor.
  • Smoother connectors with Silicon Tips making the winders easier to stack.
  • Light up display screen.
  • Extra felt Protection.
  • External Battery Available (sold separately)

About the 4.1 Winder

This highly advanced and technologically sophisticated winder is the jewel of the Wolf Designs crown. With patented "lock-in" cuff and touch sensitive control panel the M4.1 boasts all the interlocking functionality of the M4.0 system with the customizable winding programs and lock-in cuff of the M2.7. It's the best of both worlds.

About the External Battery

One can power up to 12 units with an external lithium battery that is sold separately for $120. Assuming you are powering a winder at 600 Turns Per day, the 50 Wh external lithium battery can drive it for 4. 1 winder for about 333 days, 6 55 days or 12 for about 27 days. Higher turns per day and increased use of LED light up display will result in shorter battery life while lower turns per day will result in longer battery life.


Unlike E-tailers that only provide in-house warranties, Topper Jewelers is a full service authorized dealer that offers the Wolf Watch Winders Manufacturer's Warranty