About Furrer Jacot

The exclusive brand Furrer-Jacot unites highly skilled artisans into an experienced team that draws on a winning combination of accumulated know-how, innovative techniques, tradition and high tech to produce outstanding results. Furrer Jacot makes each item at it’s state of the art factory in beautiful Schaffhausen Switzerland.

Like the goldsmith's shop next door, FURRER-JACOT creates individual, authentic pieces, with care and patience. Each customer's wishes are treated individually and each creation is made to order. Individuality, customer care and "Swiss Made" are the philosophy that guides them in everything they do at FURRER-JACOT.

The Goldsmith heats a ring with a torch The Goldsmith hang engraves a wedding band The Goldsmith manipulates a ring in production The Goldsmith inspects his work

It is one of the fine characteristics of high-quality brands that they concern themselves with their clients even after the sale has been made. Furrer-Jacot therefore offers the following service:


Furrer-Jacot guarantees for three years from the date of purchase against any defects in materials or workmanship. The only exclusions are damages resulting from an accident, lack of care or normal wear.

Free Refinishing

For two years after the purchase, Furrer-Jacot rings are refinished free of charge. Wear marks such as any wedding ring will display after a certain time are normal.


By way of a trade mark, every ring is punched with the FJ logo. Furrer-Jacot guarantees the quality and authenticity of the materials (precious metals and stones) and for the ring being "Swiss made". The rings are produced in compliance with the stringent standards of the Swiss goldsmith's art. Engraving An engraving on the inside of the ring will give your wedding rings the ultimate individual touch. For this purpose, we can provide you with various different types of lettering. You can also choose between mechanical and hand engraving. Moreover, if you would like to have a very short personal message in your partner's handwriting engraved on the ring, we will be very happy to arrange for this to be done.