About Taköhl Treasure Rings

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Your Treasure Ring begins with the exact ring size of the finger on which it is to be worn. You then select the style, inscriptions, and gems set in a band of gold or platinum. The Taköhl Treasure Ring ® is made with the finest quality materials available and carefully crafted by our specially trained professional goldsmiths.

Every Treasure Ring is engraved by hand; a rare art form. Then each letter or symbol is enameled to make your message easy to read. Currently only two thousand rings can be produced each year. The designer personally signs each limited edition ring.

Customize Your Own Private Treasure

Each Treasure Ring is protected by U.S. Design and Utility Patents 5,669,241 D392,585 with pending patents worldwide. The Taköhl Treasure Ring ® is manufactured exclusively by Taköhl Design, LTD., Chicago, Illinois. Violators will be prosecuted.

Designer Tammy Kohl's exceptionally inventive jewelry designs have garnered numerous awards. Her most famous collection, the Taköhl Treasure Ring ® is an inspiring piece of art. At first glance the ring seems to be a simple band set with or without gems. She empowers her clients to become the designer, letting them select every aspect of their custom handmade ring. Whatever one treasures most is what is written inside. The rings are for men and women and can be customized to make any occasion an everlasting memory.

"Jewelry develops depth and meaning when it is specially created for an individual... a sentimental connection to one's soul. As a designer, this is what I find most rewarding," says Kohl.

Thousands of people share the special feelings that come from Tammy Kohl's designs. Among them include some celebrities: Renee Zellweger, Steven Tyler, Carson Daley, Norm MacDonald, and James Gandolfini to name a few. The genuine sentiment behind Taköhl Jewelry is unique and inspiring. It comes from the heart and serves as more than ornamentation, creating an intimate heirloom which becomes a legacy.