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G-Shock Mudman Team Land Cruiser Edition

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Built for the most punishing race on the planet

This timepiece imbues the G-Shock Mudman, known for delivering peak performance in the most challenging conditions, with the spirit of adventure that defines the Team Land Cruiser, a veteran of the toughest race in the world, the Dakar Rally.

The Mudman GW9500, with its Carbon Core Guard structure, is a newly re-engineered watch to wear smaller and slimmer, while maintaining the dust and mud resistance that are hallmarks of the Mudman. It also features a highly legible duplex LCD, giving you exactly what you need to meet every challenge.

Designed to capture the feel of racing through desert sands, the sand-colored band is printed with a black splatter pattern that evokes tracks left by speeding racers. The stainless steel bezel components — a first for a GW9500 model — are ion plated in black to project a bold fearlessness that exudes both strength and practical luxury.

The duplex LCD offers a separate compass graphics layer for a larger digital compass display, allowing you to navigate more easily to your destination in emergency situations. Radio-controlled calibration delivers the precision time that teams fighting under the toughest conditions need to succeed.

The Team Land Cruiser (TLC) livery — blue, white, and red — accent the design, and the team logo on the band and case back adds the final touches for a singular collaboration that celebrates these two intrepid teams.

About Team Land Cruiser Toyota Auto Body: The company team of Toyota Auto Body, a Toyota Group manufacturer of minivans, commercial vehicles, and SUVs. TLC has been participating in the Dakar Rally, considered the world’s most extreme rally, with the Land Cruiser every year since 1995.


ABC Functions

  • Auto log data (High/low altitudes, auto cumulative ascent and descent)
  • Trek log data (up to 14 records of high/low altitudes, auto cumulative ascent and descent of particular treks)
  • Barometer: Display range: 260 to 1,100 hPa (7.65 to 32.45 inHg) with atmospheric pressure tendency graph (Past 42 hours of readings)Atmospheric pressure differential graphic
  • Barometric pressure tendency information alarm (beep and arrow indicate significant changes in pressure)
  • Thermometer: Display range: -10 to 60℃ (14 to 140℉)

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