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Tech meets tradition, hands-on with the new G-Shock MR-G Collection

MR-G is the apex of G-Shock and the end result of artists, enthusiasts and engineers sitting around a table saying "what if?" , and then building it. As fans of both watches and Japanese culture alike, Russ and I are extremely excited to introduce the MR-G collection to Topper Jewelers. MR-G represents the absolute pinnacle of the G-Shock watch, a high-end vision of a digital timekeeper engineered to survive the absolute worst scenarios one could subject a watch to. MR-G also represents an incredibly unique confluence of technology, traditional craftsmanship and cultural values found in Japan, and there is simply nothing like it.

MR-G made its Peninsula debut at Topper a few short weeks back when we welcomed the new MR-G collection to our shelves, in the presence of good friends Clark Nelson from Casio, along with the Reddit r/watches community. Today, we want to paint an overview of the MR-G collection in broad strokes, while taking a closer look at the same watches that were on hand for the special event the same ones which we are now officially carrying in-store.

The fundamentals of the base G-Shock that made its debut some 35 years ago persist in the MR-G collection (which has been around for just over two decades now): shock resistance, water resistance, and self-sustainability (solar powered movements, radio-controlled timekeeping, etc.). But as has already been pointed out, these are far from your everyday G-Shocks – each MR-G spares no expense, iterating heavily on that base formula while mixing in traditional Japanese craftsmanship, unique textures and extremely technical details found in few places outside high-end watchmaking.

Inspired by Japanese samurai armor, the G1000B-1A4 "Akazonae" with its bright red and gold accents make it arguably the most distinctive MR-G in the collection

There are eight MR-G models in total, all hewn from titanium, but each with their own character, finish, and price point, starting at $2,600 for the G1000D and moving up to $7,400 for the ultra-limited, hand-hammered titanium G2000HT flagship model. All eight models are further divided into three different core variants outlined as such: G1000 ("standard" MR-G models), B1000 (fully-featured MR-G, but in a smaller, 'mid-sized' package), and G2000 (top-of-the-range models). Visually speaking, each model is markedly different, but you can easily tell the variant series apart by their dial layout.

The flagship of the line the exceptionally limited, and extremely unique G2000HT with its hammered titanium bezel and bracelet

The pinnacle of the MR-G collection would be the G2000 variants, noteworthy for their visible use of traditional Japanese manufacturing techniques like the "kasumi-tsuchime" hammering technique on the flagship G2000HT shown above, in addition to registers at 6, 9 and 12 with a world time aperture at 3:00. The G2000 watches also utilize the three key technologies outlined above: solar power, GPS time-syncing, as well as Bluetooth for mobile control.

G1000 variants are characterized by their registers at 3, 8 and 10. These are also solar-powered, and are equipped with G-Shock's GPS Hybrid Radio-Controlled time syncing technology, along with a Bluetooth smartphone link, which enables the wearer to set the time from a mobile device.

Already proving to be quite popular, the mid-sized B1000B wears comfortably on both of these 6.5" wrists

The 'mid-sized' B1000 variants utilize the same overall layout of the G2000 watches, but without the city aperture at 3:00. As mentioned, the overall case diameter has been downsized from 54mm to 52mm, and the thickness from 17mm to 14mm. Most noteworthy though, is how the lug-to-lug goes from 49mm to 46mm two key measurements that reveals just how surprisingly well these large watches wear even on smaller wrists.

Take a closer look at the dial details and painstakingly "tsuiki" hand-hammered bezel on the G2000HB

While you'll want to look closely at the individual spec sheet for each MR-G as they tend to vary slightly, there are a number of key shared traits in the form of technologies and features that are exclusive to Casio some unique to MR-G, and others found within the existing G-Shock MT-G, G-Steel, Master of G collections.

One of those exclusive premium technologies is Casio's GPS Hybrid 'Wave Ceptor' essentially a hybrid timekeeping system which utilizes both GPS and local radio wave reception to enable quick, pinpoint synchronization to local time (two local times simultaneously as a matter of fact, on select models), at pretty much any time, anywhere in the world.

Don't let the case dimensions fool you even the 54mm MR-G models wear comfortably on a 6.5" wrist

Being a G-Shock by nature, also ensures that a plethora of countermeasures have been put in place to maintain shock resistance. This starts with a specially hollowed, all-titanium case structure with the movement module supported in critical zones with a series of soft silicone pillows called Alpha Gel to mute vibrations. It also includes Casio's 'Tough Solar' technology which automatically re-aligns the analog hands in the event of a shock strong enough to de-couple their positioning.

In addition to being entirely Japan-made, the MR-G watches also pride themselves on their unique finishes. As mentioned, the more premium models enjoy a special, exclusive hand-finished touch like the kasumi-tsuchime hammering techniques on the G2000HT, while the the base G1000 models still start with the same special hardened titanium before being finished with a hard carbon film and DLC-coated. The end result balances tradition and sheer technical prowess, both in their purest form two characteristics that epitomize the MR-G collection from top to bottom.

The unique locking clasp found on the titanium bracelet of each MR-G model all but guarantees it will never become disengaged by accident

The G-Shock collection is one of Topper's most diverse and we're carrying the full range of G-Steel, Master of G, and MT-G models, so if you have any questions beyond the MR-G models above, or you're interested in ordering one, get started by browsing our offerings here, or inquire by emailing We'd be happy to hear from you directly as well you can call us too at 888-730-2221.

A glimpse at Clark's own personal G the GSTB100X from the G-Steel collection

Photos by ablogtowatch contributor Zach Pina. Be sure to give him a follow here.

The Topper Blog consists mainly of original writing by Rob & Russ Caplan with occasional special contributions and interviews. All photography in the blog is taken at Topper Fine Jewelers , or on location unless otherwise indicated in the photo captions.