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First Look is Back at Topper in 2024

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That's right, First Look is back! Topper's biggest in-store event returns with all the newest 2024 watch releases, from Omega, Blancpain, and Breitling, right up to novelties fresh from Watches & Wonders in Geneva — many of which will be making their debut in the United States for the very first time, right here in Burlingame.

WHEN: Friday, April 26th & Saturday April 27th, from 11:00am to 5:00pm PST
WHERE: Topper Jewelers, 1294 Burlingame Ave.



As always, this event is completely free and open to the public – all you need to do is RSVP for the main event here, and if you'd like to join us for the closing party on Saturday night, you can do so here!



We're only four short months into 2024 and already, we've seen some huge, long-awaited releases from Omega, Blancpain, and Breitling make waves in the collecting community. Then with Watches & Wonders just completed, we saw a fresh slew of epic new watches from Grand Seiko, Zenith, Czapek, and more, whip the news cycle back into a frenzy. Bremont's bold re-brand and introduction of the new Terra Nova collection marked one of the event's buzziest moments — and all of these watches, and a whole lot more will be in the metal here in Burlingame for First Look!

In total, virtually every major brand that Topper represents will be in attendance at this special show concept, each with something special to share with you — be it the newest novelties themselves, special gifts with purchase, or direct insight, passion, and expertise from the brand's own representatives and leadership teams. It's a rare chance to get this level of access to both product and personality outside of Switzerland, so read on below for a brief overview on what you could expect from a number of brands who'll be exhibiting.


Ever since it was teased on the wrist of Daniel Craig at the Planet Omega event last fall, Speedmaster faithful have been not-so-patiently waiting for this white Speedy to make landfall, and not even we could have predicted how good it would be in the metal compared to the few spy shots circulating around Instagram for the last few months.

Built around a crisp white lacquer dial with punctuated by applied hour markers and deep recesses for each of the registers, it brings an intense depth and contrast not seen on the classic Moonwatch preferred by NASA — and the collecting community responded in kind, making this easily the hottest Speedmaster launch we've ever experienced at Topper. And for those still on the fence or wondering what the hype is all about, First Look will give you a chance to see firsthand just what makes this watch so special.


We've made no attempt to hide the fact that Zenith had a very strong showing at Watches & Wonders — maybe even 'best in show,' all things considered. This comes on the back of the release of a pair of Defy dive watches: the ultra-modern Defy Extreme in titanium, and the classical steel Defy Revival which inspired it. Both are water resistant to 600 meters, and feature the bold, angular case design endemic to the Defy collection, but each represents a completely different visual ethos, reflective of the era that bore it.


Dive watches not your flavor? Zenith also added an El Primero chronograph calibre to the best-selling Defy Skyline collection, and these watches will also be on-hand at First Look — certainly not to be missed in any of the three colors: black, blue, or silver — the original Zenith Tricolore, for those keeping score at home!


We're not sure we've ever been quite so excited about a dress watch, but here in the year two thousand and twenty-four, Grand Seiko seems to have just what the doctor ordered in the form of the new Evolution 9 SLGW003 — a handwound Hi-Beat dress watch, which isn't just a first for the best-selling Evo 9 collection, but a first for Grand Seiko as well, who was also wise to equip this stunner with a new horizontal 'birch' dial which is just delightful in the metal. And speaking of delightful, flip the watch over and look carefully through the exhibition caseback to see a very cool Easter egg in the form of the movement's click, which is in the shape of the head of a Wagtail, a bird recognized as special to Morioka, a city close to the Grand Seiko Studio Shizukuishi, where this and all Grand Seiko mechanical watches are crafted. Thanks to the redesign of this movement, the bird-like pecking motion of the click is visible with each turn of the crown as you wind the watch. When viewing this watch in the metal, don't forget to ask about the Wagtail!


They finally did it. Ever since we became a Blancpain retailer, folks have been asking for a smaller, non-limited Fifty Fathoms watch, and as the 70th anniversary celebrations of this iconic diver drew to a close, the collecting community finally got its wish. But Blancpain did us one better – the new 42mm Fifty Fathoms is now cast in Grade 23 titanium, and features a slew of subtle, modern updates that help differentiate it from its 45mm cousins. Available in black or blue dials, both will be on hand at First Look, each in a variety of strap options for you to explore.


While the hottest Breitling watch of the spring came and went in short order (the super-limited edition Aerospace Mk.III Orbiter), Breitling was wise to keep a little powder dry. That came in the form of the new Navitimer 41 which now isn't just a traditional time-only reference, but a broader collection with the inclusion of a new series of GMT references immediately available in a wide range of lovely colors. Our pick goes to the classic black-on-red Navitimer aesthetic, but the ice-blue offering is also going to be very hard to beat.


Ever since industry legend Davide Cerrato took over the reigns at Bremont, fans and collectors of the beloved British indie have been waiting on bated breath for his first move, and boy was it a doozy. Cerrato's bold new vision greeted us at Watches & Wonders, with a new logo, new brand identity, and two new collections of watches: a refresh on the Supermarine and the all-new Terra Nova. While the former is very nice indeed, it's the Terra Nova that we really love – a striking expression of the prototypical field watch, albeit with a more refined, premium series of twists. These are truly spectacular watches and a triumph at this new price positioning, and we'd highly urge anyone skeptical of the re-brand to try a new Terra Nova in the metal first. And luckily for you, we'll have these watches, and lots more from Bremont available for you to explore at First Look.


Czapek routinely delivers some of the most fantastical dials we've ever seen, and this year is no exception. Joining the collection for the first time is the dressy Promenade collection, which is headlined by the new Goutte D'Eau ("drop of water") whose stunning, multi-layer lacquer dial delivers a level of depth and dimension that you'll happily get lost in every time you glance at the wrist. Not to be outdone even in its own collection, the Promenade also exhibits a pair of Guilloché Soleil references, which re-interpret the rays of the sun in an incredible textured pattern eminating from the small seconds indicator at 4:30. No image or render has ever done a Czapek dial justice, which is why we're proud to bring these to Burlingame for the very first time at First Look.


From the dial to the case to the bracelet, Oris refreshed its signature Aquis Dive Watch in virtually every component, yielding an entirely new collection of watches that aren't just more refined than the outgoing references, they're dramatically improved from both a visual and ergonomic standpoint. Just comparing images will never suffice though — we'd urge you to go hands-on with them side-by-side to fully appreciate the breadth of these updates, and lucky for First Look attendees, all the newest Aquis watches won't just be on-hand for your viewing pleasure, but they'll be available to purchase and take home as well — no pre-orders needed!


2024 is the year we finally see more expansion of the top-tier MR-G collection from G-Shock, and in doing so, we're getting another revision of the epic Frogman which won't just be on-hand for preview, but for purchase, as this watch will have launched just days before First Look kicks off. In keeping with our First Look and G-Shock party conventions, we'll be bringing more G-Shock wall clocks to the show, as a special gift with select purchases, but as always, supplies for these coveted clocks are very limited, so you'll want to move quickly while supplies last.  


In a bit of a surprise move, venerable dive watch maker DOXA introduced the new 39mm-cased SUB 200T — essentially a subtly smaller variant of the best-selling SUB 300T. This new reference is available in the full spectrum of DOXA colors, from the classic orange Professional and brooding black Sharkhunter, to our personal favorite, the new green 'Sea Emerald.' And for the first time ever, all of the new colors of this reference will be making an appearance at First Look so you can make the difficult choice of selecting a favorite yourself!  


The sporty and chic Fears Redcliff was the inaugural collection that re-launched the Bristol-based indie back in 2016, and now here we are — eight years later with a subtly refined and refreshed Redcliff in a trio of new colors, a new bracelet, and an automatic movement, making this a perfect everyday offering for those new to the maker. All of the new Redcliff watches will be present for First Look, along with key members of the Fears management team who we're thrilled to be welcoming back to Burlingame for the week.

Now that you're fully briefed on Topper's second annual First Look event, once again, the show kicks off on Friday, April 26th at 11am, and runs through Saturday, April 27th at 6pm. Once again, we'll be hosting a very special afterparty on Saturday starting at 6, so if you'd like to get yourself on the list (our capacity for this portion of the event is limited), please RSVP here! [T]

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