The Topper Blog consists mainly of original writing by Rob & Russ Caplan with occasional special contributions and interviews. All photography in the blog is taken at Topper Fine Jewelers , or on location unless otherwise indicated in the photo captions.

Topper's Ten Best Watches of 2019

2019 was one for the books. As one of Topper's busiest years in our 78 years of operation, we have no one to thank more than our incredible community for your warmth, support, and passion for watches.

Before we put a bow on the year that was, we wanted to revisit the Ten Best Watches at Topper Jewelers in 2019 – some of them are your favorites, and some are our favorites as well. And bear in mind that with the exception of our Laco Flieger Topper Edition (which will be shipping in early 2020), all of the watches on this list will be dispatched and delivered in time for Christmas, so if you're looking for that perfect last-minute gift, or you've done all your shopping and you're just looking to treat yourself, you've absolutely come to the right place. So without further ado, here are the ten most popular watches at Topper Jewelers in 2019:

1) Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch (ref. 311.

Simply put, any variation of the Speedmaster is a welcome addition to any watch collection. And with the 50th Anniversary of the moon landing, 2019 was clearly the year of the Moonwatch – a celebration that reached fever pitch during our incredible in-store event with former astronaut General Thomas Stafford. The two-tone 50th Anniversary Speedmaster Limited Edition sold out in record time, but the standard astronaut-issued Speedmaster remained popular throughout the year – and for good reason: it's simply one of the most iconic chronographs of all time.

2) Hamilton Khaki Field: White Dial

There's simply no denying that the Hamilton Khaki Field remains one of the most ironclad values in all of Swiss mechanical watchmaking. For 2019, we gave design input on a white-dialed variant with the team at Hamilton – a reference that would go on to prove to be immensely popular both here in the Bay Area, and abroad. go This watch has been one of our most successful projects to date – and a collection essential at every level.

3) Rado Captain Cook

One trend that we were all too happy to oblige in 2019 was the continued influence of colorful vintage-inspired dive watches – few of which, carry the mid-seventies torch with as much enthusiasm as Rado's Captain Cook diver. We freshly re-launched our Rado collection this fall, mixing in plenty of variety with the Captain Cook in both dial and case size, while adding in a bonus strap kit as an exclusive gift with purchase. We're extending that special gift, on both the 42mm blue and green models  through the holiday.

4) Zodiac Sea Wolf "Rally" Limited Editions

While we're on the subject of cheerful vintage re-issues, we'd be remiss for not mentioning the Zodiac Sea Wolf "Rally" editions (available in both yellow or blue bezels) we co-designed with our friend Eric Singer, drummer of the legendary rock band KISS. To be fair, this was a Topper Edition announced in 2018, but we didn't start delivering them until early Summer of 2019, which made for a very fun, and colorful season indeed.

5) G-SHOCK GMWB5000D "Full Metal" Watches

We make no attempt to hide the fact that from day one, the square-dialed "Full Metal" GMWB5000-series watches released in 2018 have been amongst Topper's hottest watches. A full year and a half after the first options were released, these classic square G-Shocks rendered in a variety of finishes (and even titanium!) remain a perennial favorite, and it isn't hard to see why. Now through the holiday, we're offering a very special gift with purchase of select Full Metal watches (SteelBlack IP, or Gold IP): a free Gorillaz edition, valued at $175.

6) Longines Heritage Skin Diver

Though the long-running Legend Diver might be the sub-nautical star of Longines' Heritage collection, the unsung hero is the handsome and newly released Skin Diver, which delivers the period-correct no-date dial layout that collectors crave, but the classic good looks and water resistance befitting of a proper modern dive watch. Find yours right here.

7) Laco Flieger "Topper Edition"

As we close out 2019 with our eighth 'Topper Edition' – a unique pilot watch built by heritage brand Laco, we can't help but look back on its wildly successful launch event with the community – a watch that Worn&Wound said "got all the details right." And though nearly sold-out, we'd like to take this moment to inform our friends abroad that Topper Jewelers will be covering all shipping fees, in addition to any VAT taxes levied upon European deliveries. If that's enough to push you over the edge, reserve one of the few remaining pieces right here.

8) H. Moser & Cie Pioneer

In November of this year, we welcomed 'the most disruptive brand in Switzerland' to Topper shelves, and the response from our collecting community couldn't have been more positive. Understandably so – given H. Moser & Cie's good-natured humor, disruptive marketing, and gorgeous dials made them a perfect fit for home in Silicon Valley. One early favorite from our inaugural selection has been the sporty new Pioneer collection – in particular, this DLC-cased variant with the gorgeous blue fume dial – a true signature of the Schaffhausen brand.

9) Oris Clean Ocean Trilogy

It feels good to do good, and no one understands this better than Oris, who routinely weaves compelling conservation efforts with gorgeous, and highly capable sports watches. All of these elements are exemplified in the epic Clean Ocean Trilogy box set, which contains three azure blue-dialed Aquis watches, one of which – the Blue Whale Aquis Chronograph can only be obtained through the set. While proceeds from each purchase go to conservation efforts, each individual watch in the set features a colorful caseback medallion pressed from recycled plastic pulled from the ocean. The entire box itself is rendered from this same plastic, yielding a colorful, and powerful reminder of how everyone can contribute to saving our oceans.

10) Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe

The sporty and angular Bathyscaphe from Blancpain represents a rich legacy of dive watch know-how, rendered in a fully modernized, but still minimalist wrist presence. It's hardly new for 2019, but it remains a perennial favorite at Topper, due to its handsome 'Plasma Grey' sunburst dial, sculpted case facets, and powerhouse of a movement inside: the beautifully finished Calibre 1315 with 120 hours of power reserve (fun fact: we playfully refer to this as the "Topper Calibre," as it shares the same number as our street address – 1315 Burlingame Avenue)

The Bathyscaphe is also about as close to a Submariner-killer as you'll see at Topper, but we'll leave that for you to see why.

The Topper Blog consists mainly of original writing by Rob & Russ Caplan with occasional special contributions and interviews. All photography in the blog is taken at Topper Fine Jewelers , or on location unless otherwise indicated in the photo captions.