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Wolf Bea Bongiasca 4 Piece Watch Winder Safe

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Made from American steel, the Bea Bongiasca safe is UL tested and certified for burglary and fire protection. Its high gloss exterior doors and colorful interior make it a stylish fortress for your jewelry and accessories. The safe includes five drawers and four watch winders controlled by WOLF's Bluetooth connected app, allowing you to easily manage one or all your winders at the same time.


  • Size: 22" L x 24" W x 40" H
  • Weight: 730 lbs / 331 kg
  • Patented Innovation: Turns per day are guaranteed by our patented method of counting turns – no other company counts turns per day (TPD), they simply estimate the number of TPD.
  • Rotation options: with the WOLF app you are effortlessly in control of setting the Turns per Day (TPD) for your timepieces(s) ranging from 1 – 1,999 turns per day (TPD)
  • Start delay: Users can program up to a 255-hour delay before the first winding cycle – accommodating for a recently worn timepiece or power reserve.
  • Lock-in cuff: Our patented cuff and drum design ensures that the cuff locks inside to ensure the watch is held safely
  • Bluetooth user-controlled app: Download app from Apple or Android store.
  • Directional settings: Clockwise, anti-clockwise or bi-directional
  • Additional storage: 5 pull-out drawers for jewellery and accessory storage.
  • Material: High gloss exterior doors, vegan leather and embroidered micro-suede interior.

UL certified independent testing verifies:

  • Fire resistance for up to 120 minutes, tested at 1,700°F (927°C), then dropped from 30 feet.
  • The interior temperature during the fire test remains below 350°F (177°C), (paper burns at 450°F (232°C), so your documents remain safe.
  • Water Resistance: The interior of the safe door is sealed with Palusol® fire seal which expands 8 times the original size, sealing the door.

Additional App controls:

  • Effortlessly control winder modules independently or simultaneously with WOLF app
  • Customize you safe with the ability to name the safe and each winder.
  • Upload your watches or personal photos as background image.
  • i-Mode feature controls LED light with the ability to set on/off timers based on your schedule.
  • Password protected app control.
  • Register your warranty from your phone.
  • Contact customer service and shop online.

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