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Oris ProPilot X Calibre 400 'Laser'

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An ultra-light aviator's watch with an optical illusion at its heart

This new Oris ProPilot X represents a technological achievement, as this manufacture calibre-equipped aviator's watch is characterized by a shimmering multi-colored dial produced using an innovative lasering technique never applied in watchmaking before. 

Pioneered by the prestigious technical university ETH Zürich, this inventive laser treatment is essentially a surface manipulation that splits the light into its components, creating a stunning, multi-colored rainbow effect that changes depending on your viewing angle. Furthering the optical illusion, there is not one drop of physical color pigment in the dial – the effect is achieved by the laser interacting with the watch’s titanium dial surface in such a way that the light waves reflecting back to your eyes have been 'edited,' and contain only a certain spectrum of the visible light, thereby lending the impression of color.

Powered by the brand's rich aviation heritage and the joy of mechanics, is the Oris manufacture Calibre 400 — the Holstein maker's highly anti-magnetic, five-day, in-house automatic, which makes its no-date debut in this reference. As with every movement in the Calibre 400 Series, Calibre 400 has elevated levels of anti-magnetism, a five-day power reserve and a best-in-class warranty. It’s also accurate to -3/+5 seconds a day – which would comfortably pass chronometer testing – and has 10-year recommended service intervals. 

The watch is fitted to a matching three-link titanium bracelet that's secured with the Oris-patented 'LIFT' buckle, inspired by seatbelts found in aircraft cockpits. 


  • Case: 39mm multi-piece titanium with satin and sandblasted finishes
  • Dial: Light-reflecting lasered titanium, painted hour markers
  • Sapphire Crystal front, sapphire crystal exhibition caseback 
  • Movement: Oris Calibre 400 (Automatic, no-date)
  • Power reserve: 5 days (120 hours)
  • Water Resistance: 100 meters
  • Strap: Titanium with folding clasp with Oris-patented ‘LIFT’ system

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