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UNDER $1,000

We’ve already rounded up our top picks for another year in amazing watch releases, but we’ve got one more mission-critical roundup for anyone still searching for that perfect last-minute gift: our Top Ten Watches of 2022 Under $1,000, where you’ll find proof that there is still innovation and intelligent design and exceptional value to be found for anyone willing to look


“It’s-a me, Mario!” Collabs have been the name of the game for G-Shock’s 40th anniversary, and this one with the biggest superstar in video games is about as fun as it gets. Dripping with 8-bit nostalgia (and an all-over Mario ‘camo’ strap), this is the perfect gift for that Nintendo fan in your life – but go on, be sure to grab an extra for yourself.


We’ll be honest – we didn’t see this one coming, but the orders started this fall and they never really stopped. Justifiably – Seiko 5 has been on a hot streak in 2022, and the Seiko 5 x Honda Cub keeps the momentum rolling with a charming, perfectly detailed, and loving tribute to what’s perhaps the world’s greatest urban motorbike, so what’s there not to like?


It’s been 30 years since the mighty G-Shock Frogman took its first dive, and this rugged tool watch is as capable and well-equipped as ever. Built around a full digital display just like the original, this iteration is loaded with diving utility (including a depth meter, ascent alarms, dive memory, solar power, and lots more), along with a whole host of new features, like a titanium bezel and an exoskeleton crafted from eco-friendly recycled plastic to reduce its environmental impact.


How many times are we going to say that Seiko 5 is on a roll? If you’ve been following along, you might already know the refrain here, but we’ll say it once more: this Seiko 5 pays tribute to a beloved reference from the 1970s, nicknamed “time sonar” for its semi-transparent green dial, enabling a view at the bilingual day/date complication. Cool quirky, and quintessentially Seiko.


We’ve seen plenty of interesting interpretations of the big blue marble in dial form, but never before has the earth quite looked like this. Rendered in a dazzling IP-coated finish across the entire dial and case, this new GM110 Special Edition is loaded with detail from ocean, clouds, mountain ranges, and open grasslands – right down to the satellite-shaped running seconds counter at 9:00 ‘orbiting’ the whole scene.


2022 has been a heck of a year for chronograph fans — and even for as spoiled as we’ve all become with all the amazing choices, this newest addition to the Seiko Prospex Solar Speedtimer collection remains a top pick for its staggering level of quality and detail, it’s drop-dead good looks (can’t beat that 1969 inspiration) and a price point that’s virtually impossible to argue with.


Is Seiko Prospex quietly making some of the very best dials under $1,000? They just might be, but don’t take it from us — the proof is in the Seiko Prospex Alpinist ‘Mystic Forest’, a rare boutique-exclusive with a brilliant textured green dial that brings all the capability of the legendary Alpinist while evoking a stroll through a verdant evergreen forest.


Ever since the ‘Casioak’ took the collecting community by storm two years ago, we’ve been patiently waiting for its full-metal induction, and we finally got it this year, and boy was it worth the wait. Fully equipped with a Tough Solar and Bluetooth module, the GMB2100 brings all the trimmings to a stealthy IP-coated case replete with that perfectly weighted metal bracelet and clasp. Every collection should have one, and at this price, why not?


Another Seiko 5? You better believe it. And not only was the Seiko 5 GMT collection a show-stealing surprise this summer, the blue-dialed SSK003 ‘Batman’ variant quickly shot to the top of our charts, where it sits comfortably as our top-selling single reference of the year. How ‘bout them apples?


We loved Interstellar. And we loved the Hamilton ‘Murph’ watch that played a focal role in the film. But while we couldn’t all agree on whether or not it was the right size, Hamilton has finally stepped in and settled the score, introducing this handsome pilot/field hybrid in a perfectly proportioned 38mm case. It just might be the best Swiss-made watch under $1,000, and whether you’re gifting or treating yourself this holiday season, this is one value proposition that’s nearly impossible to top.