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G-Shock MR-G 40th Anniversary 'Shougeki-Maru Gai"

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An artisanal G-Shock imbued with the warrior's spirit

As the G-Shock 40th anniversary year enters its final act, the legendary Japanese maker introduces a very special limited edition MR-G model that integrates Japanese tradition with state-of-the-art innovation, based on the silhouette and craftsmanship of the Shougeki-Maru: Gai, an ancient Japanese "Kabuto" (warrior helmet), not unlike the one Casio commissioned as an emblem for the MR-G line.

Down to intricate facets of the moulding, the design incorporates the worldview of a samurai commander, exuding the strength to stay true to oneself. Unique to this reference is the bezel, which features a ferocious tiger design, individually hand-carved by renowned artisan Masao Kobayashi, who also crafted the original helmet’s maedate crest. Herein, a unique rock-grain relief pattern has been created with special chisels of varying sizes and forms to express the tiger’s striped pattern. Since each finish is applied by hand, every timepiece in this limited run is completely unique.

As G-Shock's 40th anniversary culminates in this spectacular reference, you'll notice the heads of the screws securing the bezel are set with rubies, gems associated with passion and success. Showing commitment to ethical considerations, radiant, deep crimson rubies lab-grown by Kyocera are used. Together with the dial ring, which presents a circular red line in the design, the gems’ colour evokes the look of the red cord straps of the Shougeki-Maru: Gai helmet.

The designation “Gai” of the Shougeki-Maru: Gai connotes a pure shade of white. The distinctive white ito odoshi represents a pure, unadulterated hue, incorporating a sense of bold determination, the will to be true to oneself. This strength and beauty is expressed with the chronograph’s pure white band made with fluoro rubber — a soft, comfortable material offering strong resistance to deterioration over time.

Finally, a deep-layer hardening process and dark silver AIP® is applied to the titanium material to express the colour of the Shougeki-Maru: Gai helmet. The distinctive texture produced by the recrystallisation process gives the watch a rugged, valiant look. An engraved metal plate commemorating the G-SHOCK 40th anniversary is affixed to the side of the case. This meticulously designed watch is limited to 700 pieces worldwide. 

Special Features

    • Deep-layer hardened titanium case with dark silver AIP coating combines lightness and wearer comfort with strength and abrasion-resistance 
    • Core guard structure for improved shock absorption
    • Super LED Illuminator for enhanced low-light legibility
    • Two-way time sync (Multi-Band 6 & Bluetooth) 
    • Self-charging, self-adjusting capability
    • Limited Edition: 700 pieces


    • Shock Resistant
    • 200M Water Resistant
    • Tough Solar
    • Automatic Date Update
    • Airplane Mode
    • World Time (39 Cities + UTC)
    • Daily Alarm
    • Full Auto Calendar
    • 1/1 Sec. Stopwatch (24Hr)
    • Countdown Timer (24Hr)
    • Day/Date Display
    • Module: 5625
    • Case Size: 49.8mm

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