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G-Shock MR-G Frogman Anniversary Limited Edition

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A rare, dual anniversary special

Celebrating both G-Shock's 40th anniversary, together with the 30th anniversary of the mighty G-Shock Frogman dive watch, comes a new limited edition titanium diver from G-Shock's top-shelf MR-G collection. 

The concept color is yellow, the hue featured on the very first Frogman, the DW-6300, and one of the colours that is symbolic of the line. The crown, buttons, and screws are treated with gold IP. Sapphire crystal is press-fit into the titanium screw-lock case back to ensure a highly airtight structure while maintaining the built-in antenna’s radio wave reception sensitivity. Casio passion for refinement down to the finest details is evident everywhere in the design, with gold vapour deposition, and engravings of the first-generation Frogman diving frog character, as well as the words "G-Shock 40th” and “Frogman 30th.”

The vivid yellow fluoro-rubber Dura Soft band is highly resistant to staining and hydrolysis. With its flexibility, it offers a comfortable fit on the wrist, as does the specially developed, interchangeable pure titanium band with its many moveable parts. Painstaking processes of treating each link with a deep-layer hardening process and diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating prior to assembly give the titanium band a high-quality, intricate makeup. The band is also extendable so it can even be worn over a wetsuit. Use the dedicated tool to remove the side pins while pressing the buttons on the lugs’ undersides to quickly and easily swap out the band.

Originally produced in resin, the complex design has now been remade in titanium, with each component crafted separately and polished meticulously for an entirely new feel of high-end quality. The watch is built with an intricate combination of over 70 exterior components, including an O-ring waterproof seal to deliver outstanding Frogman water resistance and special buffers to strengthen the shock-resistant structure — all while maintaining the beauty of form the MR-G line is known for.

Lightweight, corrosion-resistant titanium is used for key exterior components — from the case, bezel, and case back, to the crown, buttons, and screws. The watch is made up of an intricate combination of over 70 exterior components, achieving a powerful and beautiful form. A protective structure offers face-guarding functionality with buffers made of fluoro rubber installed in the space between the bezel and case. A deep-layer hardening process and DLC coating provide even greater strength and abrasion resistance. The case incorporates a crown and case back that both feature a screw-lock construction. These and other features throughout the design keep the watch air-tight to ensure water resistance for diving.

More than just handsome, this timepiece provides superior functionality, as well. Equipped with Bluetooth®, the hour and minute hands overlap and work in unison to form a single hand when in diving mode, making the time spent underwater (minutes) easy and intuitive to see and delivering high visibility. Download the dedicated app to pair with your smartphone and easily display tide data for more than 3,000 locations around the world. Check dive logs on your smartphone and get more details on data tracked by your watch.


    • Titanium case with sapphire crystal
    • Clad guard structure for improved shock absorption
    • Super LED Illuminator enhances hand-painted Neobrite luminous elements for superior low-light legibility
    • Shock Resistant
    • 200M Water Resistant
    • Dive Mode (dive time + surface interval timer) with tide graph setting (approximately 3,300 global points)
    • Tough Solar
    • Bluetooth smartphone link
    • Multiband 6
    • Dual Time
    • Automatic date update
    • World Time (39 Cities + UTC)
    • Daily Alarm
    • Full Auto Calendar
    • 1/1 Sec. Stopwatch (24Hr)
    • Countdown Timer (24Hr)
    • Day/Date Display
    • Case Size: 56mm
    • Strap: Includes both integrated titanium bracelet and quick-change Dura Soft Fluoro Rubber band
    • Limited Edition: 700 pieces

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