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Seiko Presage Craftsmanship Series Studio Ghibli Nausicaä Limited Edition

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A limited edition paying tribute to a Studio Ghibli animated masterpiece

This new limited edition Seiko Presage illustrates the animated world of the Studio Ghibli animation classic Nausicaä through the many details of its unique design, starting with its pure blue enamel dial, which has been newly created to represent a blue outfit worn by the story’s heroine. The color was carefully examined and precisely adjusted during the manufacturing process to create the perfect shade of blue, a process made possible through the skill of master craftsman Mitsuru Yokosawa. The white hour and minute hands, as well as the indexes, stand out against the blue dial to enhance legibility, while the seconds hand provides a gold-toned accent. The hour and minute hands have a rounded, leaf-like shape while the white indexes have an elongated shape, allowing the time to be read at a glance. The emblem from one of Nausiccä’s blue outfits is printed at the six o’clock position

The case has a textured, vintage-style finish, and is protected with a super-hard coating, resembling the kind of well-worn tools that appear in the film. Its oversized crown was newly designed for this watch, enables easy operation, even with gloves on. A blue crystal glass adorns the crown to express the eye of the Ohms, a giant, shell-covered trilobite-like species central to the film’s plot.

The watch is powered by Calibre 6R51, a new version of Seiko’s high-performance 6R55 movement. Like Calibre 6R55, this new version delivers a power reserve of 72 hours and has the same performance attributes, only without the date display. The new movement was developed to emphasize the beauty of the craft dial that sits above it. The wearer can view the movement’s gold-colored rotor through a display case back, together with a depiction of the end scene, in which a non-toxic plant sprouts out from deep under the Sea of Decay, making one imagine that the earth has been cleansed. A legend from the Valley of the Wind that is expressed in the film, “Clothed in blue robes, descending onto a golden field” is engraved on the gold-plated case back.

In addition to its specially embossed leather strap, the watch is offered in a special presentation box with an illustration of a scene from the film and an original card with the message “Let’s live without being bound by time” written in Japanese from the film’s director, Hayao Miyazaki.

Released in 1984, the Studio Ghibli masterpiece Nausicaä takes place 1,000 years after the destruction of modern civilisation in a war known as the Seven Days of Fire. In the polluted land, a forest of fungi called the Sea of Decay is gradually spreading and is inhabited by a species of giant mutant insects. Nausicaä, the Princess of the Valley of the Wind, becomes embroiled in a struggle between two kingdoms. She strives to unravel the mysteries of the Sea of Decay and find a way for the natural world and human beings to coexist.