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The Bremont MBII "Topper Edition"

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The MBII is easily our favorite Bremont offering. Technically, it is an incredibly robust timepiece. For those not familiar with the MBII, it features a C.O.S.C. grade movement protected by an anti-magnetic Faraday cage and a uniquely designed anti-shock case mount. In addition to passing the chronometer test for accuracy, the Bremont MB watches have been tested at Martin Baker for shock, vibration, temperature and altitude extremes, and salt-fog among others. It also features Bremont’s signature hardened and scratch resistant stainless steel case which boasts a Vickers hardness rating of 2000 HV, or just shy of the scratch resistance of sapphire crystal. Aesthetically the MBII is a great daily wear. It is by all measures a pilot watch, but its Trip-Tick® (3-piece) case with colored middle barrel gives it a unique look.

The Bremont MBII is the civilian version of the MBI. To say the MBI is exclusive is somewhat of an understatement given it can only be purchased by a pilot who has ejected out of a Martin Baker ejection seat. An example of an MBI recipient is Jimmy Fallon’s father-in-law recently featured on the Tonight Show. This watch comes in an exclusive red barrel, and has a distinct yellow second hand, yellow markers, the Martin Baker logo on the dial, and the ejectees individual tie club number printed on the caseback.

Jimmy Fallon presented his Marine Corps veteran Father-in-Law with a Bremont MBI on the tonight show earlier this year. Photo courtesy of Bremont.

We have discovered over the years that Bremont fans love the yellow second hand of the MBI. The Topper Edition features the MBI’s yellow second hand balanced out with yellow numbers at “7” and “5”. These numbers were chosen to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Topper. The Topper Edition MBII will also feature an orange barrel.

My brother, Russ, and I are proud that Topper Fine Jewelers has been in our family for three generations. This limited edition watch is one of a series of special watches and jewelry designed to acknowledge the hard work and proud heritage of our Grandfather Arthur and Father Bill. Their decades of dedication and commitment to quality and service built a legacy we are proud to continue.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each MBII Topper Edition Bremont will be donated to the UCSF Stephen and Nancy Grand Multiple Myeloma Translational Initiative (MMTI) at the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center. This center has particular importance to our family as my father was treated there for a form of cancer called Multiple Myeloma. We believe the excellent care he received there greatly enhanced the quality of his life. (Click here for "a look at Multiple Myeloma with UCSF’s Dr. Jeffrey L. Wolf".)

Thank you to Bremont’s Mike Pearson for helping us with the design and execution of this piece, and to Nick and Giles English for helping us celebrate our anniversary! The MBII Topper Edition is a 40-piece limited edition scheduled for fall 2015 delivery. Like standard offering MBII watches it retails for $5,495. For ordering information contact Topper Fine Jewelers at info@topperjewelers.com or 888-730-2221.

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